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Introducing our Health Benefit Consulting Suite

Our line of powerful actuarial tools are used by consultants, brokers, TPAs, MGUs, reinsurers, stop-loss carriers and consulting actuaries everyday.

About Us

Located in Princeton Junction, NJ, Windsor Strategy Solutions is an actuarial software firm that develops cutting edge software for employee benefits professionals who want powerful and easy to use tools that deepen their understanding and consulting capabilities for their client's health benefits plans.

Our Health Benefits Consulting Suite and Actuarial Advisor rating model are used by consultants, brokers, TPAs, MGUs, re-insurers, stop-loss carriers and consulting actuaries.

About Our Comprehensive Healthcare Cost Modeling Tools

Video Tutorials

Actuarial Assistant

Detailed modelling of health plan design; allows for side by side comparisons of benefit designs and circumstances. Graphically shows the impact of changes.

Experience & Migration

Robust experience analysis based on a consistent and actuarially sound methodology; simulation of employee enrollment in plans for the upcoming period based on the group’s experience; set budget rates based on the experience analysis and predictive modelling of employee migration between plans.

Risk Decision Support

Sophisticated analysis of the risk/reward tradeoffs in stop loss structures.  Provides a fully insured employer ample information with which to properly evaluate the opportunity to move to self-funded.  Enables a user to provide a detailed comparison of stop loss structures.

Actuarial Advisor

Our complete first dollar and excess loss pricing manual for medical and RX plans. 

THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE AND FLEXIBLE ACTUARIAL RATING MANUAL AVAILABLE TODAY featuring a flexible interface, the model allows for a wide range of user inputs, including plan designs, trends, demographics and provider network discounts. With Actuarial Advisor, users are able to generate and evaluate customized rates for both fully insured and excess loss health insurance programs.